BlueRock Team

Neal Owen


As the founder and president of BlueRock Wealth Management Inc., Neal takes pride in the practicality within his approach to finances.

Tony Lupo


Versatile, strategic and distinguished, Tony is BlueRock Wealth Management Inc.’s co-founder of BRM Lending and Vice President of Business Administration.

Karen Emslie


A consummate professional with an eye for detail, Karen is the Client and Advisor Services for BlueRock Wealth Management Inc. Her presence in the financial industry since 1984 has led Karen to experience success in all facets of her career.

Kim Furniss


Vision, creativity and driven are words that come to mind when describing Kim. As the Sales and Marketing at BlueRock Wealth Management Inc, her keen sense of knowing which trends will catch the eye of the consumer has been an unparalleled asset for the team.

Sandy Coates


Sandy is the Client Relations and HR representative at BlueRock Wealth Management Inc. since 2014. Her zest for customer satisfaction and overall client appreciation for services rendered is a driving force behind her passionate approach.

Shari Leroux


Hardworking, tenacious and versatile are all words that would accurately describe Shari Leroux, BlueRock’s Client and Advisor Services. Shari will bring a strength behind the scenes that is always required in a solid financial firm like BlueRock Wealth Management.

Allan Minaker, CLU, CFP, CH. F.C.


Allan has joined BlueRock Wealth Management Inc. after years of being President of his own successful Wealth and Corporate Benefits firm. He is a great asset to our Advisor team with over 34 years of experience.

Eric Hamm


Eric brings a distinctive professional and academic background to the BlueRock Team. His academic accolades include a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce, as well as his Investment Funds and Life Insurance accreditations.

Corrina Novotny


Corrina Novotny brings a wealth of knowledge from the financial sector with her return to BlueRock Wealth Management. She offers precision and honesty in combination with 10+ years of experience as a financial advisor.

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