Medical Trusts

Medical Trusts

Create a flexible, customized employee benefit program that offers wide-ranging and long-term advantages and protection for your staff, their family and your company.

A Medical Trust (MT) is an arrangement between an employer and its employees where the employer agrees to provide one or more benefits for the employees and/or their families, combining features of a Health & Welfare Trust (HWT) and a Private Health Services Plan (PHSP). Beneficiaries of the MT can be current, past, or retired employees, or a family member of such an employee.

Medical Trusts


At BlueRock, we partner with experts at structuring these trusts to satisfy both your organization’s and the beneficiaries’ specific long term needs, as well as CRA scrutiny.

With premiums paid in business dollars, MTs help redirect funds that would go to the CRA and instead invest them in employee benefits solutions that protect their future needs.

When designing an MT, we help you look ahead to important needs you might not anticipate for yourself or for key personnel. For example, we often recommend “key man insurance” that offers funds to cope with the loss and cost of replacing key executives, or living benefits such as Long Term Care (LTC), Critical Illness (CI) or Disability Insurance (DI).


We focus on maximizing the benefits for you by structuring the MT in several ways:

  • Plan customization to integrate all key factors and goals
  • Living benefits insurance such as critical illness, disability and wage loss replacement or long-term care for owners and/or its employees, funded through corporate deposits and premium deductions
  • Employee health, medical, and dental benefits offered and paid for by the corporation
  • Applicable insurance premiums and/or medical, health, dental benefits for its retired employees offered and funded through premium deductions

Medical Trusts


Medical Trusts are a prudent financial instrument for protecting the wellbeing of employees and business owners. Contact us to find out how they might benefit your organization’s long-term plan.

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