How We Work

Values ­based Investing Philosophy

At BlueRock, we partner with you to transform your individual circumstances and goals into a step­ by ­step plan of action that allows you to experience the life you want.

This values­ based investing philosophy sets your aspirations and preferences as cornerstones for every recommendation our advisors make.

Let’s take a brief look at the three ­step process you will take with our advisors.

Step 1: Plotting Your Course

We will guide you through articulating your priorities now and for the future — both financial and otherwise — and learn everything we can about your current financial situation. This is an extensive process that establishes a relationship based on trust. In order to help you achieve your personal objectives, we need you to be open and transparent, with full disclosure of documents, to ensure we have a complete and accurate picture.

Step 2: Focus and Delivery

Once we understand your goals and financial circumstances, we create a detailed and personalized action plan. Your investment strategy will be built upon a diversified portfolio structured to preserve capital, minimize tax implications and realize growth, so you can take confident steps on your financial journey.

Your advisor will also consult with your lawyer or accountant, to help identify opportunities or flag issues.

We commit to seeing your plan through, and ask that you do the same. Only by working in partnership can we minimize risks and maximize results.

Step 3: Communicate and Renew

Your plan should be as dynamic as you are and versatile enough to adapt to life’s changes. As your plan matures, we will monitor its progress every step of the way, reviewing it with you at least every year and make adjustments as necessary.

Our Commitment

We promise to gain an understanding of your needs, draw upon all our resources and provide you with solutions that are right for you and your family. This is a partnership built on trust to handle the complexities of wealth planning. BlueRock brings together experts from multiple disciplines — insurance, investments, tax, legal and estate planning — and ensures a holistic approach to helping you achieve financial goals.

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