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A lot of our business comes from people recommending us to their friends, families and colleagues. We thought you’d like to see the kinds of experiences people have working with BlueRock Wealth, so you can decide if we’re right for you.

We have used Neal to aid us in a financial future as well as a health account being a small business. We found his advice and solutions to be of excellent advice and I would recommend Neal and his services to those that require assistance in financial matters.

Ruth Bourachot - Owner Manager - Chef Patrick's Gourmet Foods

Neal has provided our company with outstanding service over the years and we would highly recommend him for any of your financial and insurance needs.

Mark Andersen - Partner - Squire John's

Neal is a consummate professional with a disciplined process to ensure all clients receive the appropriate advice and the best solutions for their particular financial situation. He has developed a team of competent and well-trained staff to form a top-notch service-oriented environment so that all his clients can take comfort in knowing that every team member contributes to a positive client experience.

Dan Boyd - President - Schuster Boyd McDonald

Dear Neal,

Neal, I wish to express to you our sincerest appreciation of advice well received.

We have worked together for many years, prior to 1997, and over the years we have received your advice, input and recommendations as we worked toward the growth of our net worth, while protecting those assets through the various products available, in this case and in particular, Long Term Care.

Neal, your sound advice over the years has now made it possible for us to be together daily thus allowing myself to participate in Reginald’s superior care. We are blessed to have peace of mind while continuing our journey together.

Over the years we questioned the amount, type and cost of the insurance, but continued to believe in your recommendation. We could never have understood the cost involved in this type of care situation.

There are many negative comments available in the media about Long Term care and the care provided to seniors. I can tell you our experience thanks to you, has been very different.


Evelyn Lageer - Personal Client -

I would like to thank Neal and the BlueRock Wealth team for putting together a financial plan that is easy to read and understand. I feel quite comfortable with all the steps taken so far to secure a sound financial future for me, and my daughter.

Elaine - Educator -

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