Financial Life Planning

Make confident, informed choices about how to spend, borrow, save and invest your money in daily life

Estate Planning

We specialize in reliable tax and estate planning specifically catered to your unique needs

Corporate Planning

We offer complete financial, tax, and legal advice for your business strategy from a source you can trust


Our risk management specialists provide you with options that can protect your family and lifestyle


Learn how trusts can be incorporated into your financial, tax and estate planning strategies

How We Work

We take a holistic approach that considers all factors in achieving your financial planning goals

Who We Are

No sales pitches, no internal quotas – Just solid, comfortable, trustworthy advice catered to you

BlueRock Wealth Offers Individually Custom Tailored Financial Management Solutions

See how we’ve helped clients reduce Financial stress and adapt to changes with practical solutions and advice for every stage in life.

An Innovative Approach
To Financial Life Planning

Learn about how our team provides specialized skills, independent thinking and one-stop solutions.

Live The Life You Want

Having the right financial plan isn’t just about becoming rich or saving for a rainy day. Feeling secure about money opens doors. It gives you the freedom to accomplish the things that matter to you. Imagine being able to pursue that adventure of a lifetime, expand your business, build your dream home, retire comfortably or take care of the people you love –all with peace of mind.

Comfortable, Solid Advice

What We Can Do for You

At BlueRock Wealth Management Inc., our mission is to provide comfortable solid advice that fits your personal or business roadmap. Our clients are serious about their future, whether they’re new to financial planning or knowledgeable about investment. BlueRockWealth financial planners are skilled at adapting to whatever stage of financial support you need. Together, we can build a well-rounded plan, one that focuses on both your financial and non-financial priorities.

Managing Wealth for Life

What does wealth mean to you?

This is the personal question that underlies everything we do for clients. For more than 30 years, successful professionals, entrepreneurs and their families in the Georgian Bay area have turned to BlueRock Wealth Management for personalized financial advice and services because we focus on helping them attain the financial means and manage their wealth to live life to the fullest.

Each of us answers this question a little differently, which is why we tailor our thoughtful, expert financial planning to your own dreams and goals —for yourself, for your family and for future generations.

Values-Based Investing Philosophy,
Build Your Legacy

The BlueRock team of knowledgeable advisors offer a full suite of financial services for every step in life, from banking services to retirement and estate planning, all focused on creating a practical road map to help you reach your financial destination, and guiding you through every unexpected twist and turn you encounter.

Our goal is to enrich the quality of your life and the people around you. We specialize in creating clarity, confidence and focus in every aspect of your financial plan so you can live life your way, for the reasons that are important to you.

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