Our professional and knowledgeable staff are focused on guiding you through the financial planning process.  With our expertise, we will outline your goals and develop a reliable financial plan for you and your business.

Here are some helpful tips and interesting articles to keep you informed and help you to better understand our process:

Video: Is It Different This Time?
Dimensional Vice President Weston Wellington offers perspective on the unpredictability of market movements, how the current market downturn compares to past bear markets, and the resilience markets have historically shown.

Your Health 

We understand that in order to acheive your personal and financial goals, your health must remain a top priority. From becoming more active, to making the best nutritional choices or learning to better manage stress in your life, we’ve shared these resources with your health and wellbeing in mind.

Free Webinar: 

Stress is a normal and natural part of our lives. In its most basic form, stress is simply energy, and can help keep us motivated, and propel us to achieve our goals. However, when stress becomes chronic, unrelenting, and intense, it can lead to burnout, which can take a hefty toll on the human body – physically, emotionally and mentally. This 30‐minute webinar will help you identify the causes of burnout, assess whether those causes are changeable, and implement strategies to help you better manage and prevent burnout.

Follow this link to view the webinar:  Avoiding Burnout as a Manager

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