As the founder and president of BlueRock Wealth Management Inc., Neal takes pride in the practicality within his approach to finances. Having been immersed in the financial planning industry since 1980 as an independent broker, planner and discerning advocate for financial decisions which make sense to the client, Neal trusts in his abilities and vast experiences to allow him to guide the client into financial planning that feels safe, secure and beneficial. Neal's unwavering commitment to the financial services of his community and beyond has allowed him to build BlueRock Wealth Management Inc. into an establishment that leads the industry in integrity, foresight and most importantly the needs of his clients. Neal's persistent dedication to keeping abreast of industry trends has dovetailed into a long-standing commitment to his own professional development earning him and BlueRock Wealth Management Inc. the accolades of being a top tier specialist group conducive to building relationships with clients for the purposes of financial success. Neal very much enjoys spending time on his boat with family and friends navigating the waters and coastlines of the Great Lakes.
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