COVID-19 Update #4

As another highly emotional week draws to a close, our industry was deemed an essential service, a privilege that comes with an obligation. We are tasked with helping you, your family, and friends navigate through this Covid 19 crisis successfully. Emerging healthy, strong financially and ready to resume our normal life, whatever that may be. Our team takes our obligation seriously.

stay at home

All of us will face uncertainty and new challenges over the coming days. You have our commitment that we will do everything in our power to ensure that you have the most up to date information you need to keep yourselves, your families and friends safe.

As we have important updates to share, we will continue to communicate using our website and email as a direct channel to provide you with the most relevant information.

While it won’t be business as usual for a while, we commit to all of our clients, that you will be able to count on us. Our Team will continue working hard on your behalf, despite the circumstances, to live up to our obligation and commitment. I am particularly proud of the work our team has accomplished thus far.

We will continue to call each and every one of you.
We know this is important work and will continue these calls until everyone is feeling comfortable and confident in their own situation. Our team has been overwhelmed with the emotional response, to many of these conversations.
I encourage you to let us know what the one thing is, that we could do for you today, that would be helpful?

Please continue to respect our government’s and the health authority’s request to work from home and social distancing. We understand that working from home and social distancing makes it easier to justify purchasing goods online. However, whenever possible, please buy locally. Our local business owners are going to need our support to come through these challenging times. Local businesses are the back bone of our communities. They employ our family, friends and support our charities and are there for our community when they are asked to step up.

Please help support them.

Neal Owen

Neal Owen

Financial Advisor | PEAK Investments Service Inc.

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