Bluerock Wealth Management Business Continuity Plan Implemented March 16, 2020

Dear Valued Clients,

The last few days have been amongst the most turbulent we have ever seen. Last Thursday, markets recorded dizzying losses. The following day, we experienced record gains. While this was going on, borders were closing, countries announced emergency measures, and the COVID-19 pandemic is marching along at an alarming rate.

Business Continuity Plan

These are incredibly unique circumstances. As a result, we must also consider unique and unusual actions. The following is a summary of the actions we are taking.

Our priorities begin with the health of our 14 employees and our clients. Without this, none of our next priorities are achievable. Our actions included:

  • Providing all employees with the opportunity and tools to work from home.
  • Requiring that all employees with flu symptoms remain home and see a doctor.
  • Posting best practices to keep our offices clean.
  • Requiring that all employees coming from outside the country remain home for 14 days.
  • Cancelling and rescheduling all in-person meetings and business travel.
  • Providing employees access to support and counselling where needed.

We are fully committed on ensuring there is no interruption in services to our clients. We have set up the following:

  • Conducted tests of all our processes offsite
  • Completed a Q&A session with staff. We will be holding twice daily online employee meetings starting tomorrow.
  • Every employee was provided secure access to our servers and employees conducted connectivity tests.
  • Every employee now has video conference capabilities and tested their setup so that they can engage with clients by video conference.
  • We reviewed our depository of procedures, best practices, and tools for working with clients remotely.

Bluerock Wealth Management recognizes the importance clients place on timely execution of their transactions and accurate reporting, especially at times like this.

Our Leadership Team at Bluerock Wealth Management has reviewed our contingency plan with Peak Financial and Barrington Wealth partners, so all teams are on the same page moving ahead.

Finally, we have a role to play in society in general. We need to do our share to ensure social distancing is effective and the growth rate of the virus infection is slowed down. To achieve this, we will be moving to a completely remote client meetings either by phone or video conference.

All employees will have the option of working from home and we will be achieving 100% compliance with the best practices of the World Health Organization, as requested by our country’s leaders.

We will need your help to succeed in each of these areas. This will require some potential adaptation and patience. We will make changes as required. We will increase our communication with you until the situation is resolved, in order to maintain clarity and confidence with your financial planning.

I am incredibly proud of our team at Bluerock Wealth Management and assure all of our clients, that we will work diligently to keep your experience with Bluerock as seamless as possible in these difficult times. I am confident that by ad hearing to your financial plan, we will not only achieve all your goals, we will all come out of this crisis much stronger and better off financially.

Until then I remain committed, around the clock, to do all I can to support you in your Financial quest. These are extraordinary times for you and your family too. We are very fortunate to have dedicated experienced financial planners to help answer your questions and guide you through these trying events. I encourage you to contact us if you have questions or concerns.

I am here to support our team and you, our clients through these times. Should you require any assistance, please feel free to reach out. Like you, I wonder what Tuesday morning and the next week will bring us. But I know that whatever it is, the Bluerock Wealth Team will deal with it, with resolve and humility.

Warm regards,
Neal Owen

Thank you again for your patience and understanding.

Neal Owen

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