Unplugging from Work on Vacation – Risks and Rewards

We’ve all heard the term “unplugging”, but most of the time it’s hard to apply this to our everyday lives. Not only do we need to be connected at work to maximize productivity, but we also connect with our friends far and near. While technology has begun to play an important role in our everyday lives, there is also something to be said for unplugging – and the perfect opportunity to do so is when you (finally) take the vacation that’s been on your calendar for months.

If you find yourself wondering if you can actually go tech-free for an entire week or two, here are a few important things you’ll want to consider as you pack your bags for your upcoming vacation:

For Employees

•  Going tech-free allows you to reconnect with the world around you.
•  You’ll de-stress and find yourself feeling better about life in general.
•  You’ll have time for the recreational activities you’ve been planning all year.
•  You will feel more refreshed and ready to start new projects when you return to work.
•  This infographic gives more great reasons to unplug!

For Managers

•  Did you know 33% of employees don’t unplug from work while on vacation? Read more here.
•  Lead by example by going tech-free yourself while on vacation.
•  Let your employees know the benefits they will enjoy by taking a break from their work life.
•  Help your employees prepare for their tech-free time by setting up groups to complete projects.
•  Let your employees know that you support their decision to unplug on vacation.

At BlueRock Corporate Benefits, we believe unplugging on vacation increases the chances of better work performance and an improvement to work-life balance. In a world where it is important to remain connected, it is also important to take time for self.

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