Stay Vigilant about Your Family's Cybersecurity with These Guidelines

Your family’s reliance on technology at home for school and work purposes has likely shifted drastically over the past year. If you and your kids are spending more time online, some basic practices can keep your personal information private and safe. We thought this article made at-home cybersecurity simple and doable, and we encourage you to read through it to make sure members of your family are not exposing sensitive information online.

Stay Vigilant about Your Family's Cybersecurity with These Guidelines

Some of the main points we thought were particularly helpful for any family from the article were these ones:

  • Even though your kids may be more “tech savvy” than you, they may not know that putting out certain details online can put your whole family at risk. Putting some good practices into place can protect your online privacy and activity.
  • Make sure you diligently guard addresses, passwords, payment info, birthdays, and other personal info. Teach your kids about why they should be careful about protecting this type of information.
  • Excellent passwords should always be a priority! Always use strong passwords and never use the same one across multiple platforms.
  • Even though social media is fun, it can be too revealing sometimes. Think twice about posting photos, check-in locations, and overly personal status updates.
  • Take time to amplify the security on all your devices. Even basic security protections can safeguard you from surprise charges from the app store, account breaches, and accidental location sharing.
  • Remain persistent and diligent about protecting your online interests. Even though giving your kids free reign may help keep the peace at home, let them know that you are keeping an eye on things and do not shy away from enforcing your rules.

What works for your family may not work well for another. But by taking a few steps that make sense to you, you can greatly impact your family’s safety and protection online.

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