Self-Care: An Essential Aspect of Caregiving

If you manage the majority of a loved one’s care, whether this is your spouse, an aging parent, or another family member, putting your needs last and the needs of the person you care for first may seem like the obvious way to move forward. But in actuality, being good to yourself is the best way to provide even better care to your loved one, and research can back this up. Below are some ideas we’ve gleaned from this recent article on how caregivers can reduce feelings of burden and maintain their physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing.

Self-Care: An Essential Aspect of Caregiving

  • Take Care of Your Own Health – As you focus on caring for the health of another, you may feel less inclined to stay on top of your own physical health. This approach can inadvertently lead to difficulties with your own mental and physical health, which can reduce your ability to provide proper care to your loved one. Make routine checkups with your primary caregiver a priority and seek regular face-to-face time with family and friends.
  • Seek Support – You may assume a total sense of responsibility for your loved one out of feelings of fear, duty, or even embarrassment. Remember that you don’t have to, nor should you try to do this alone – assemble a team of trusted professionals, specialists, friends, and family members who can help with daily activities and give you a much-needed break.
  • View the Situation Holistically – You may feel powerless and depressed as you watch your loved one’s health and capacities deteriorate. Try to remember your loved one’s unique personality and life history while analyzing ways to enhance and improve their care. Even in moments of resistance, working on having more empathy can boost your personal morale.

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