Whether you travel frequently or are planning your first big trip across the Canadian border, knowing what to expect as you are processed through the airport security lines can help alleviate stress and make your route to your terminal go faster.

Electronics & Privacy Beyond the Border – What Should You Expect?

In the fast-paced world of security, airports are constantly under scrutiny to take specific measures to protect passengers on the ground and in the air at all times. To maintain high security standards, it has become commonplace for airport security to examine electronic devices as they pass through the inspections process.

If the idea of having someone ask to examine your electronic devices sounds like a breach of privacy, you may be surprised that many of these policies have been in place for a long time! The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada has provided an excellent article that sums up some of the basic things you should know as a traveller planning to cross Canadian borders, including:

  • Requirements for passing a standard security screening at the airport
  • Whether a security officer is permitted to ask for electronic device passwords
  • What types of traveller data might be collected as you arrive or depart at a border crossing

Additionally, the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association has an online handbook that provides travellers with excellent information about how to plan for travel with electronic devices.

Remember that even though your electronic devices and other belongings may be checked at a security point for any reason, you are still entitled to your rights while travelling across the border!

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