At BlueRock Wealth Management, we want to take a moment to address one of the latest trends in cyber hacking called “video-jacking” in this, the third part of our series on cyber security. While maintaining awareness of our personal and financial security is always at the forefront, it is also important to stay informed about the ever-changing cyber world and any potential threats. The information below may help you make smarter decisions.

Think twice before connecting your phone to public USB charging stations. Security expert and blogger Brian Krebs covered an emerging threat out of DEF CON regarding your smartphone and USB connections . Krebs spoke to researchers from Aries Security who warned of a new smartphone threat, “video-jacking” which occurs when you plug your vulnerable phone into a USB charging station and allows hackers to see the same things you see on your phone’s screen.

•   Hackers can infect the charging stations and record everything that happens on a phone that is plugged in.

•   If you check your email, it can record a password you type, plus any messages you view.

•   If you sign into online banking, they can get your account number and login information. The results could be very damaging.

•   Not all phones are affected by this threat. You can see if your phone is at risk here.

Regardless, hackers find new ways to get your information every day. Keep your device safe by not using the USB charging stations you see in airports and other public places. Instead, plug your phone into a wall electrical outlet.

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