The holiday season is one of the most joyful times of the year. However, underneath the fun and excitement of baked goods, twinkling lights, and time with family and friends is the nagging feeling of stress that just won’t go away. If you want to feel less stressed this holiday season, as your financial advisor, we recommend that you:

  • Spend time outside—When the temperatures start to drop and it gets dark long before you’ve even left work, you may just want to stay inside all day. Resist the urge to do this; bundle up and get out there and enjoy the beauty of the winter season as much as possible.
  • Get enough rest—With holiday parties, late-night present wrapping sessions, and all of the other things you have to accomplish, getting enough sleep may seem unimportant. However, lack of sleep could actually be adding to your stress and limiting your productivity.
  • Take a deep breath—Although it may seem like things are out of control at times, try to slow down every so often for a few minutes and appreciate what the holiday season has to offer.
  • Respect your limits—Remember, you don’t have to do everything. If you feel overburdened, consider assigning some of your responsibilities to someone else.

Additionally, if you’re feeling stressed about finances this holiday season, as your financial advisor, we can help you prioritise, budget, and set up a long-term personal financial plan that will help you realise your goals. To speak with a financial advisor from our team, contact us at BlueRock Wealth Management Inc. today.

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