Managing My Pension

How do I manage my pension after I retire?

Depending on the type of pension you have, it might need to be managed carefully after you retire. For example, if you’re investing your own pension funds it’s advantageous to use pension-style investments to get the most from them. Some pensions also have estate benefits that can be tricky to understand. If you’re wondering how to manage your pension, talk to a BlueRock Wealth advisor to evaluate your investment strategy so you get the most from it now.

Read a client story about a client that benefitted from pension management.

Am I ready to manage all the details of my retirement after I retire?

Bryan thought his paperwork days were over.

He’d retired after a successful corporate career. The file boxes were packed away in the basement, the retirement party pictures were archived and the alarm clock was set to “off”. What he hadn’t planned for was a second career in retirement administration.

After he retired, Bryan started receiving a continuous stream of income disbursement forms from his government pension, company pension, TFSAs and investments. Each one showed money was becoming available at various maturity dates with different tax rates assigned to each. Bryan never anticipated he’d have so much work to do after retirement.

The BlueRock Wealth Solution

Multiple sources of retirement income can generate an enormous amount of paperwork. Not all this material is for information only. Most of it needs to be reviewed and coordinated to get the best tax benefits and keep your retirement on track. Bryan brought his BlueRock Wealth advisor a box of this paper and the advisor got to work.

The advisor suggested structuring the income stream to consider short-, medium and long-term needs. Then he set up a spreadsheet with reminders about start dates, stop dates and adjustments dates so nothing slipped through the cracks. The advisor now regularly reviews Bryan’s statements to ensure Bryan has less worry and he’s making the most of all the options open to him.

What to Ask Your BlueRock Wealth Advisor

Who is the best person to help me make sense of my paperwork?
What options will I have when I collect from different sources of income?
I hear about changes to government benefits, will they affect me?

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