Flexibility is Extremely Important to Employees, Study Shows

In a recent survey from Regus Canada, it was discovered that for Canadian employees, flexible work arrangements are extremely important. Of the respondents, 61% stated they would not take a position that offered no flexibility, and 39% of those who responded reported that if flexible working had been an option, they would have stayed longer at a position.

While many employers may be open to offering flexible work options to their employees, many may not know how to implement this type of work arrangement successfully. To make flexible working feasible, the process should be started by setting clear parameters and making sure employees understand expectations and the arrangement in its entirety.

As a flexible working arrangement is instituted, employers should check in with their employees on a regular basis to build trust. These check-ins can become less frequent as flexible working becomes more customary, but semi-regular face-to-face meetings should be encouraged to ensure enthusiasm and productivity.

Technology, like FaceTime, texting, and Skype, can also be valuable resources for employers as they stay connected with staff members who are working remotely. Additionally, employers should encourage their staff to develop good work spaces outside of their office, whether at a business centre or within their homes.

In addition to offering flexible working arrangements to your employees, a well-designed corporate benefits plan can attract top talent and help your organization retain the skills it needs to grow and thrive. Contact us at BlueRock Corporate Benefits today to find out more about curating an easy-to-manage plan that complements your organization’s strategic goals.

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