Steve Brent - Sales Manager

Steve Brent

Steve brings a comprehensive and diverse background and experience that spans over 5 decades in professional financial services. Steve’s new role as Sales Manager with BlueRock Wealth Management will have him lead a team of financial advisors while employing his professional selling practices, leadership and organizational effectiveness, relational effectiveness, and networking practices and innovation through idea generation.

Outside of serving his clients, Steve is passionate about serving his community and beyond. Giving of his time and talents to a wide array of local non-profits and several national non-profits has been energizing for Steve since his early days with CIBC from 1973. “Giving a hand up when he see a hand out” has been the mantra for his professional life and a constant driving force for Steve. His spare time is filled nicely by networking and helping create synergies between people and businesses – he thrives on helping others. Steve spends his time on personal self-development and wellness. He loves writing poetry and utilizing his professional photography skills on travels with his wife of 43 years, Michele.

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