Many companies offer wellness programs to mitigate absenteeism and enhance the overall happiness of their employees. However, approximately 87% of organisations do not measure the health status of their employees, leaving themselves unaware of the risks they could be facing.1

Mental Health is a Crucial Aspect of Wellness

One of the reasons why many organisations lack awareness of their employees’ health is because they do not take into account the large role mental health plays in overall wellness. Additionally, many smaller organisations do not offer any mental heal initiatives, even though they understand that this is an area of need. This could because smaller organisations may not understand what’s available, do not know where to start, or are concerned about introducing mental health support programs in an environment that is not as anonymous as a larger organisation.

Incentivising Wellness

Mental disorders, like chronic stress and anxiety, can contribute to the development of physical illnesses, like high blood pressure and type II diabetes. To encourage employees to participate in wellness programs, especially ones that focus on mental health, about 47% of employers now offer incentives for participating. Some of the most popular and effective incentives include paid time to attend wellness initiatives, personal time off, money, and draws for prizes.

Join our email listEven if budgetary concerns are holding you back from implementing a wellness program that focuses on greater mental and physical health, remember that these programs can drastically improve employee morale, reduce absenteeism, improve employee retention, and enhance worker productivity. For more information, contact us at BlueRock Wealth Management Inc. today.


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