Medcan is one of the largest executive healthcare clinics in Canada dedicated solely to preventive medicine and wellness that performs more annual medicals than Johns Hopkins, the Mayo Clinic, and all other private clinics in the nation combined.

What Services are Available?

There are two core services that Medcan provides. The first is the Comprehensive Health Assessment, which is a five-hour evaluation of a person’s overall state of health, and the second is the Medcan Wellness Plan, which can help patients manage their health throughout the year. After enrolling in the year-round healthcare plan, patients have access to 24/7 care with Medcan nurses and are able to make same-day and weekend appointments.

Medcan’s Benefits

Medcan meets a need that many employees and their families in Canada are looking for. For example, in a 2012 Commonwealth study, 70% of Canadians reported that more emphasis should be placed on disease prevention. After receiving care at Medcan, 80% of returning clients say that the Comprehensive Health Assessment service this program offers inspired them to make lifestyle changes.

With over 340 employees, 65 physicians, and 35 specialists on staff, Medcan also provides an unparalleled level of quality healthcare. Just last year, Medcan detected 164 cases of cancer that were previously undiagnosed, in addition to hundreds of other diseases.Join our email list

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