Why Hiring a Mindfulness Coach is a Good Idea

Take a minute and look around your office. Now ask yourself how many of your employees are visiting social media or answering personal emails when they should be focusing on another task? These employees are failing to be mindful. Although you may not initially believe that the behaviour of your employees is too big of a deal, remember that mindful employees perform better.

More and more companies are now recognizing how beneficial having mindful employees can be and are taking advantage of corporate mindfulness programs. Although these programs can have an impact on employee mindfulness, it is essential that this new drive is able to reach every aspect of your organization.

This is why a having a consulting mindfulness coach or on staff might be a good idea. However, in addition to equipping your workforce with a mindfulness coach, you also need to create a work environment that encourages mindfulness.

For example, to create a mindful workplace environment, you should remove the expectation put on your employees to complete a variety of tasks on a daily basis. Although maintaining this expectation might result in more getting done, it can hinder mindfulness and force your employees to multi-task. You should also offer your employees autonomy and not expect them to take work-related calls or perform work-related tasks outside of work hours.

Most importantly, make sure that your new focus on creating a more mindful workplace is not used as a way to help your employees adapt to working under more pressure. The purpose of mindfulness is not to make people be happier about working harder. Rather, its purpose is to help your employees approach their workload in a different way, so your company becomes more efficient and profitable.

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