Many organisations address mental and physical health separately. However, in a 2008 policy paper, Recommendations for Preventing and Managing Co-existing Chronic Physical Health Conditions and Mental Illnesses, the Canadian Mental Health Association stated that if you suffer from a mental illness, you are also more likely to develop certain chronic physical conditions.* Additionally, those who maintain a poor level of physical health are more likely to develop a mental illness, like depression.

Health Benefits 101: Mental and Physical Health Are Closely Connected

If you are a business owner who offers health benefits to your employees, it’s essential that in order to achieve optimum results through a disability management program, your program must address both the mind and the body. Since mental and physical health are tightly correlated, it’s also crucial that both of these different aspects are addressed in an integrated fashion.

There are many advantages associated with addressing both mental and physical health not only through the health benefits that your company offers, but also in your disability management program. These include:

  • Increased productivity among your workforce
  • A lower employee turnover rate
  • Improved profitability for your company, as well as enhanced employee satisfaction
  • A reduction in the total occupational and non-occupational health-related costs your business is responsible for
  • Minimised lost time due to your employees suffering from an illness or an injury

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*Allen, Paula, and Adam Kelly. “The Missing Link: The Connection between Mental and Physical Health.” Benefits Canada. N.p., 8 May 2014. Web

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