Don’t Risk Your Vacation. Invest in Travel Insurance Before You Fly

If your flight is delayed or if your baggage gets lost, air passenger rights in Canada can protect your interests and provide compensation. In fact, the Canadian Transport Agency states that you can receive a payment of up to $2,340 if your baggage gets lost, damaged, or delayed while you’re traveling internationally or domestically. And if your flight gets delayed for more than three hours, you could be eligible for a payment of up to $1,000.

Don’t Risk Your Vacation. Invest in Travel Insurance Before You Fly

However, submitting a claim is a lengthy process, and it can take up to 18 months for your claim to even get reviewed after you submit it. The next time you travel, consider purchasing extended travel insurance instead of hoping for a payment that could never come.

Extended travel insurance covers any non-medical-related issue that happens when you travel. Although every policy varies, most cover the following:

  • Flight delay—If your flight gets delayed for a certain amount of time, your policy could cover costs like meals and accommodations.
  • Trip interruption—If you need to go back home early for a qualifying reason, you could be eligible to get reimbursed for certain non-refundable trip expenses.
  • Trip cancellation—If you need to cancel your trip the day before you leave, such as for job loss or a death in the family, you could receive compensation.
  • Delayed/lost baggage—Until you get your bag back, you can claim items that were lost during travel.
  • Travel accident—If you suffer dismemberment, accidental death, or another issue while traveling, travel insurance would pay out a lump sum to your or your designated beneficiary.

Just as with any type of insurance, you will only receive a payout if certain situations apply. But if you want coverage that comes with fewer conditions, you can always choose a policy that comes with coverage for “cancel for any reason.”

Are you traveling in the near future? Protect your wallet, your interests, and your peace of mind with travel insurance. At BlueRock Wealth Management, we can help you find the best possible policy for your travel duration and destination, so contact us today.

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