As You Make Plans for the Summer, Embrace the Art of Doing Nothing

When was the last time you sat down, silenced the chatter in your mind, and simply did nothing? We live in a world driven by productivity and consumerism, so this is a hard question to answer for many. And chances are, at the end of the day, you probably focus on the number of things you crossed off your never-ending to-do list, instead of how much downtime you were able to enjoy.

As You Make Plans for the Summer, Embrace the Art of Doing Nothing

We liked this recent article published by the Financial Times about the “art of doing nothing.” It explores the idea that doing less may actually be more important when it comes to our well-being, mental health, and overall satisfaction with life than trying to do cram as much activity as possible into every day.

The author argues that the void of having nothing to do can be uncomfortable, so as human beings, we reach for things that will fill this gap to avoid difficult feelings and emotions. But this comes at a cost, and as humans, we need to embrace boredom and the freedom and creativity it inspires. The author also provides a few helpful tips for refining the art of doing nothing, which include spending less time on social media, trying to not procrastinate, and going to bed at a good hour to get enough sleep.

As you make plans for this summer, keep the art of doing nothing in the back of your mind. Although it’s tempting to see and do as much as possible, especially when trying to get all that you can out of your holiday time, remember that when it comes to the satisfaction you get from the time off, carving out more time for rest and relaxation may actually be what makes your next trip a memorable one.

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