After the Holidays –Actively Encouraging Employee Health & Productivity

We all know that after-the-holidays feeling of defeat as we take stock of our pantry, look at our new gadgets and think about heading back into our normal routine. After a month of holidays, family gatherings, special events and lots of food, it can be hard to rebound from the craze and the daze.

As an employer, it can be overwhelmingly apparent that some employees handle the holidays better than others, as seen in their productivity levels, attitude towards work and their coworkers, and their overall demeanor as they enter and exit the building each day. What can you do to help your employees bounce back from the holidays without losing sight of the end goal? There are still services to provide to your customers, and you want to ensure that your employees are working together to support the mission of your company, just like they would during the rest of the year.

Here are a few quick things to note about the effects of the holidays on your employees:

  Rich food and drink, shopping, lack of sleep, travel and demands of the holiday season all affect one’s immune system, which can lead to minor and major health concerns.
  Financial burdens faced after the holidays can induce stress and invoke an emotional crash.
  A decline in happiness can be caused by the impact of the totality of the holidays, creating a lack of focus and productivity at the office.

And here are a few tips to help you support and encourage your employees after the holiday rush is done:

  Encouraging your employees to get back into their normal routine is key to helping them reduce anxiety and stress.
  Rather than starting a new diet or exercise program, ask your employees to focus on long-term goals and healthy habits.
  Remind them that everything in moderation is the best way to achieve balance, productivity and success at work and at home.

At BlueRock Corporate Benefits, we know that showing your employees how important they are to your company can come up in unexpected ways. Taking actionable steps after the holidays can be a great path to employee retention and happiness in their work environment.

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