Personal Financial Planning, Collingwood, ON

At BlueRock Wealth Management in Collingwood, ON, we can help you meet your personal financial planning goals with our specialized three-step program.

Personal Financial PlanningAt BlueRock Wealth Management, we don’t think one-size fits all, especially for something as individual as personal financial planning. Your personal financial plan is based on these three steps:

  • Step one. We believe in values-based investing, which is really about helping you articulate your priorities, financial and non-financial, and then creating an action plan to realize those goals. This information helps us learn about your current financial situation and what your top priorities are, now and in the future.
  • Step two. Once we develop an investment strategy that is a custom fit to you, we will introduce you to other parties that can help you complete your personal financial planning strategy. For example, working with your lawyer or accountant can help us identify other opportunities you could pursue or flag important issues.
  • Step three. We will keep working for you as your plan matures. We monitor and measure your progress, all while keeping an eye on the tax implications of your plan. Then we get together at the right times to review the plan and see if it needs changes. Your plan should be as dynamic as you are and versatile enough to adapt to your evolving life.

To find out more about how we can help you meet your personal financial planning goals, contact us at BlueRock Wealth Management today.



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