Dear Neal,

Neal, I wish to express to you our sincerest appreciation of advice well received.

We have worked together for many years, prior to 1997, and over the years we have received your advice, input and recommendations as we worked toward the growth of our net worth, while protecting those assets through the various products available, in this case and in particular, Long Term Care.

Neal, your sound advice over the years has now made it possible for us to be together daily thus allowing myself to participate in Reginald’s superior care. We are blessed to have peace of mind while continuing our journey together.

Over the years we questioned the amount, type and cost of the insurance, but continued to believe in your recommendation. We could never have understood the cost involved in this type of care situation.

There are many negative comments available in the media about Long Term care and the care provided to seniors. I can tell you our experience thanks to you, has been very different.


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