"I feel quite comfortable with all the steps taken so far by the BlueRock Wealth team to secure a sound financial future for me and my daughter. "

Elaine, Educator

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Having the right financial plan isn’t just about becoming rich or saving for a rainy day. Feeling secure about money opens doors. It gives you the freedom to accomplish the things that matter to you. Imagine being able to pursue that adventure of a lifetime, expand your business, build your dream home, retire comfortably or take care of the people you love – all with peace of mind.

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At BlueRock Wealth Management Inc., our mission is to provide comfortable solid advice that fits your personal or business roadmap. Our clients are serious about their future, whether they’re new to financial planning or knowledgeable about investment. BlueRock Wealth financial planners are skilled at adapting to whatever stage of financial support you need. Together, we can build a well-rounded plan, one that focuses on both your financial and non-financial priorities.

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Using the ATM

Cyber Security, Part 1: Hacked While Travelling

At BlueRock Wealth Management, we hear stories every day of clients who completed an innocent transaction only to discover that their card numbers had been stolen. What can we do to prevent this from occurring, and what should we do […]

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The Problem With ETF Backtests

The fund industry is busy manufacturing new smart beta funds with backtested track records that “prove” their strategy. However, backtests can easily be massaged to gin up performance. When considering any new product, run it through this seven-point smell test […]

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Retirement Planning: Will the Canada Pension Plan Reforms Derail Your Retirement Plans?

For the majority of people, change is anything from uncomfortable to downright scary. If you are nearing retirement age, you probably have mixed feelings about retirement planning. While you are excited about having more time for hobbies, travel, and sleeping […]

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